Discover your Twitter Karma

August 17th, 2009

Discover your Twitter Karma

With my twitter account, I have one simple rule: If people follow me, unless they’re outright spammers, I follow back. I’ll let Tweetdeck filter the stream of information later. Admittedly, I don’t follow nor am I followed by that many people but managing your twitter list, even if its just in the hundreds like mines, can be a bit too tedious.

One day I wanted to find out who I was following yet who wasn’t following me so I could distinguish those who follow you then unfollow you once you’ve followed them and those that I initiated a follow because I valued the information in their tweets such as freelance boards and web trends that almost never follow back.

That was a lot of follow for one sentence.

Anyways, I searched online for a tool and found a website called Your Twitter Karma. It will tell you who you only follow, who you have a mutual relationship with, and who is only following you. Combined, they are dubbed your Twitter Karma. Additionally, the website allows you to bulk follow and unfollow to save time.

An interesting and neat tool for the next time you decide to cut the fat from your Twitter account or simply want to know some interesting statistics about your list. What are some other neat Twitter tools you use?

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